Welcome to Animus

Welcome to Animus Regnum, a cosmos where consciousness can truly evolve to its greatest heights. As described by the Eldorai, the Elder Magi, Animus Regnum is not just a universe, but an expansive cosmos with infinite possibilities.
Entering Animus requires an Apertus Sphera, which allows you to create a thread between the AR cosmos and our own. When you enter Animus, you leave everything in your world behind and embark on a journey of exploration and discovery in a cosmos filled with wonder and opportunity.
In Animus Regnum, you will have a new body, new skills, knowledge, and abilities. This cosmos is teeming with diverse worlds and beings, each with their own unique culture, skills, and abilities. The Eldorai, the creators and keepers of the Akashic Records, ensure everything runs smoothly in this cosmos.
The cosmos began with the first city, Astelos Illuminara, which gave birth to the nation of Illuminara. This nation resides on the planet Seraphel, located in the star system Hoshidori, within the galaxy of Elysium. Each of these locations is a testament to the beauty and advanced technologies that define this cosmos.
In Animus Regnum, you are not just a visitor, but an active participant in its evolution. You can contribute to the visions of others, help build new worlds, and shape the future of the cosmos.
Unavis, the energy source used here, is not just a medium of exchange, but a symbol of the value created and shared within this cosmos. It's an energy that can be stored and shared in abundance, making it the most universal currency in the game. But Unavis is more than just a currency; it's a powerful force that can be used for science and as an energy source for various applications.
Animus Regnum is a place of infinite possibilities. Each place is unique and has its own landscape, climate, and inhabitants. The cosmos is yours to explore and shape.
Univoxa is the first and primary language of Animus Regnum, and I'll show you how that works later. Welcome to Animus Regnum, the cosmos of infinite possibilities.