In the boundless cosmos of Animus Regnum, the Eldorai have earned reverence for their potent wisdom and their unparalleled capability to shape existence. As originators of innumerable worlds and creatures, they have engineered unique vessels known as Genesum. These extraordinary artifacts are imbued with power and expressly designed to assist Eikonar—cosmic consciousnesses—in fashioning physical forms within the otherworldly realm of Animus Regnum.
Eikonar, emanating from the reality of Coaevus—the realm we currently inhabit—arrive in Animus Regnum initially in their astral forms, devoid of a corporeal body. It's here that the Genesum prove vital, serving as the catalyst in the Eikonar's transmutation from ethereal entities into physical beings. The process requires harmony between the cosmic consciousness of the Eikonar and the celestial energies that forge the Genesum.
They were created by the first Eldorai, Efficio, the grand architect of the Genesum. These remarkable vessels are instilled with the essence of Ayah, Ichor, and Umbra, thus harnessing the formidable energies of the Trigenesis. Among these elements, Ayah plays an integral role. It's the creative force, the divine spark that breathes life into the vessel. Without Ayah, the Genesum would be nothing more than empty casings, barren of the potential for life and evolution.
Ichor, however, is the energy of transformation. It empowers the Genesum to adapt and evolve as the Eikonar within garners experience and hones their abilities. As the Eikonar's strength and mastery intensify, the Ichor within their Genesum evolves, reflecting their burgeoning prowess and skills.
Umbra, associated with darkness and shadow, endows the Genesum with a profound connection to the void interspersing the myriad realms. This bond allows the Eikonar to traverse the expansive distances between the numerous worlds within Animus Regnum. Driven by a thirst for discovery, the Eikonar journey across diverse planes and worlds, constantly seeking new challenges and experiences. Despite the immense power of the Genesum, they possess inherent limitations. Each Genesum can be utilized only once to create a singular physical form. Upon the completion of this creation process, the Genesum exhausts its purpose and disintegrates. Moreover, this physical form created by the Genesum becomes indelibly bound to the consciousness of its Eikonar, serving as a direct conduit between Coaevus and Animus Regnum.