Magistri is the primary governing body of Elysium, the first and one of the 21 primary galaxies created by the Eldorai, and Animus Regnum, an alternate reality under the Eldorai jurisdiction. This governing body stands as the heart of administration, cultural heritage, justice, and defense for these vast celestial expanses.
Founded by the Eldorai, Magistri operate on principles of wisdom, unity, peace, and knowledge, upholding these values through a structured hierarchy of thirteen distinct naradis (ranks), each with its own responsibilities and authority. The ranks range from Kesento, tasked with local law enforcement and civic administration, all the way up to the esteemed Magistri, the decision-making body that oversees the entire governance and charts the course for Elysium and Animus Regnum.
Magistri is not just a governing body, but a symbiotic system of diverse roles working in harmony to maintain and enhance peace, justice, and knowledge throughout the galaxies. It represents a form of cosmic democracy that encourages balance and unity among the diverse civilizations it governs. Learning the Univoxa language, the official language of Magistri, empowers individuals to actively participate in this wide, harmonious community.