Concept of the Game

Animus Regnum represents a paradigm shift in the realm of MMORPGs, integrating blockchain technology, player sovereignty, an innovative economic system, and VR/AR technology to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.
In the parallel reality of Animus Regnum, players, known as Avatars, traverse an expansive cosmos teeming with various star systems, galaxies, and entities. Avatars, under the guidance of multi-dimensional beings created by the Eldorai, inhabit bodies birthed from cosmic eggs called Genesum, serving as a nexus between realities.
A hallmark of Animus Regnum is the unprecedented degree of player agency. As sovereigns, players can possess and govern planets, star systems, or even entire galaxies. They can establish their own laws, construct governmental structures, and cultivate societies in accordance with their vision. Economic interactions within this cosmos are also player-driven, offering opportunities to trade land on their planets or space in their star systems.
Built on its custom blockchain, Unavis, the game ensures secure in-game interactions and transactions. While Unavis is under development, other cryptocurrencies like Polygon are utilized to underpin the in-game economy.
A distinguishing feature of Animus Regnum is the groundbreaking economic system—currently under patenting—that deviates from the pyramid-like structures seen in other blockchain games. Instead, our system appreciates in value as the game grows and attracts more players, nurturing a self-sustaining economy.
Animus Regnum also leverages VR/AR technology to augment the gaming experience, but the game isn't exclusively VR/AR. It's designed to be accessible and immersive for all players, regardless of their preferred gaming platforms.
We invite you to step into the Animus Regnum universe, assume the role of an Avatar, and embark on a journey of exploration, growth, and creation. Welcome to a new era of gaming.