What is Animus Regnum

Animus Regnum is a pioneering MMORPG in the blockchain and NFT space, offering an open-world cosmos where every asset is an NFT and cryptocurrency is the medium of exchange. Currently, we are utilizing Polygon and other cryptocurrencies to fuel our in-game economy while we develop our own custom blockchain, Unavis. In the future, Unavis will serve as the framework for our game's ecosystem, adding another layer of uniqueness to our game.
In Animus Regnum, you can take ownership of planets, star systems, and even entire galaxies. Sell land on your planets or space in your star systems to other players. As a sovereign, you have the authority to set your own laws and create governmental structures for your society. Whether you wish to establish a world free of crime or one governed by an iron fist, the choice is yours.
We are set to create one of the first interstellar space economies built on blockchain, where all in-game assets are NFTs and the in-game currency is crypto. Our unique economic setup, which is currently in the patenting process, is designed to appreciate in value over time as the game expands and sees more daily play. This revolutionary system, unlike the pyramid-like structures found in many blockchain games, provides a model for a self-sustaining economy that could influence future MMORPGs and blockchain games.
In Animus Regnum, you can create your own character. This character, like all assets in the game, is an NFT. However, your character(s) are soul-bound to your wallet. This means you connect to the game through your wallet and all assets you earn in-game will appear in that wallet. Although some assets earned in-game will also be soul-bound, most can be sold in the marketplace. This gives you unprecedented control over your in-game wealth and assets.